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''There are two ways of spreading light

To be the candle or

The mirror that reflects it.''

Edith Wharton

Author of Tapestries, Speaking Presentations on Healing.

Award Winning Author                         Best Selling Author

As a psychiatric nurse, I believe in the power of words.

Writing eternalizes the human experience in love, war,
religion and tragedy. The written word can reconcile
anguish and put it to paper. It can bestow a lasting
presence of wisdom, inspiration and hope.
We collect thoughts and memorabilia in tiny boxes,
hidden under our beds or tenderly placed in forgotten
closets with the intention of revisiting them one day
and entreating them to permanence . As the mute who
chooses not to speak, sings only when the music demands
So perhaps in some universal way, the potential for writing
lies in all of us.

Sacred Messages began as my journal following the death

of our son Jeremie in 2012. As the words became paragraphs and the paragraphs pages, I realized that Sacred Messages was the book that wrote me.

Once published, the hundreds of responses compelled me to share many of their luminous experiences of  life after life in the sequel

Stairway from Heaven

A third book is in the making and will complete the trilogy.