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March 6, 2017 - Christian and Therasa Yehling celebrated their sons 1st birthday.  Jace  is named after Jeremie and another good friend no longer with us.

February 18 - David was working in Facebook and saw a tab marked "TimeLine Review".  Clicked on this tab and the following came on screen - "Jeremie Kobler listed you as his father".

February 20 - We were unable to get to the grave due to the deep snow.   We took pictures.  Note in photographs the white mist, the rainbow and the green orbs.

September 27 - I was attending my book signing for Sacred Messages @ Barnes and Noble, Cherryvale Mall, in Rockford, IL.  It was the day following the anniversary of Jeremie's tragedy. When I entered the book store that day, I felt anxious and excited as though something unusual was going to occur. At 4:30 pm, I was packing my case to go home. Suddenly, a woman walked up to my table, placed her hand on the book and stated "you know he is here, don't you?" When I asked who she meant, she stated “the man in the book, is he your son? He is wandering through the store.” She went on to explain that she had been dining with her family in a restaurant in Aurora, IL the night before and a tall man in a military uniform, wearing a beret, had walked past her, turned and smiled at her. "I received his message and knew that I needed to travel to Rockford to deliver his message.” She continued that initially she believed him not to be of spirit because he appeared "solid". Yet when he delivered the message, it was nonverbal. She had no directions of where to go but found me in Rockford at the bookstore! She said she has been a sensitive for many years but this encounter was the sweetest and most amazing of all. "There was such a pure light when he communicated "tell my family that I love them so very much and that I am well and happy. Tell my mother I felt no pain at the accident. I was out of my body before the impact of the accident.” When I opened the book and showed the woman Jeremie’s photograph she confirmed that he was the messenger. All of the people at the signing were amazed. “Sacred Message Delivered.”


June 13, 2015 - Chrstian and Jeremie had been the closest of friends since kindergarten.  Three days after Jeremie’s death, 

Therasa had recurring dreams of a dark headed man telling her to contact Christian, a man she had known in college 

but had not seen in years. After several dreams, Therasa contacted Christian and the dreams ceased.

Christian and Therasa began dating shortly afterwards. Therasa identified a picture of Jeremie, a man she had never 

met, as the dark headed man in her dreams. Christian and Therasa were married Saturday, June 13, 2015

Many of the old neighbor kids attended the wedding, including Jeremie’s brothers Matthew and Jason.
During the reception, wedding guests were astonished when a book seemed to float and fall from a shelf.  

Kelli remarked that when she picked up the book she discovered that the title was “Old Friends”.  

Christian and Therasa had baby boy they name after Jeremie.

August 13, 2015 - As I was watching a movie on tv this morning, I began thinking of my father and Jeremie. The film is THE RAILROAD MAN about a prisoner of war in ww2. I then thought of Jeremie's memorial in September for the paper and envisioned his face. At that very moment, a toy in our grandchildren's toy box began to play it's little tune. The music was delivered in short spurts as if in Morse code. 

August 15, 2015 - The family had gathered for our weekly dinner date at a local restaurant. As always, Jeremie was being remembered and the song "My mama loves me like a rock" began to play over the PA. It was the mother-son song that we danced to at Jeremie's wedding. A few seconds later, Johnny, our grandson, remarked that he planned to join the AIR FORCE like his Uncle Jeremie after high school, then continue with college. Without another word all the lights went out throughout the restaurant.


The bird statue is a family favorite in our garden.  Notice the mist around the beak, a "KISS"